PINEHURST, N.C., March 14, 2022 ‐‐ Sandhills PRIDE

We only have one life, why wouldn’t I try to live it the way that would make me feel happy? Living for yourself and ensuring that you’re okay doesn’t make you selfish, it means that you’ve finally recognized your worth and you’re trying to be a representation of that worth.

It’s important to realize that we all change, ourselves, our friends, our parents, everyone changes a little each day. Embracing that change and adapting to it or being the force behind that change allows you to feel pride in the you that comes out on the other side.

Two years ago, I couldn’t have told you that I would be where I am. That not only did I finally openly admit my sexuality, but I’d be celebrating my first anniversary of transitioning. That I’d be able to look in the mirror and see a girl I’m actually happy to look at. That my heart is a million times lighter because I was able to finally begin to live for myself rather than living in fear of retribution for doing all of the above.

That’s not living, that’s slowly dying.

I’m not perfect, none of us are. I still have plenty of things about myself that I want to change, but a year ago I decided to start, and words cannot adequately describe how wonderful it feels to finally be living my true and authentic life.

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