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2021 Board of Directors

Charles Oldham – Board Chair

Michael Edwards – Vice chair

Bo Belton – Treasurer

Lesley Berkshire-Bradley

Catherine Vrdolyak

John Zopatti

Committee and Program Directors

Angie Averitte – Scholarship Chair

Cody Hyatt – Activities Director

Jules Latham – Safe Zones Director


Spring 2020 Newsletter

2018-2019 Newseletter

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Sandhills PRIDE has brought on its first full-time Executive Director: Michael Bleggi.

Michael brings experience from both non-profit and for-profit sectors. Michael worked at Duke University’s Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, where he led community events and a mentorship program for first-year LGBTQ students. After graduating, Michael worked in media analytics for fortune 500 companies and non-profits, and helped manage and lead restoration and repurpose projects, developments and commercial properties in the Moore County area. He began working with Sandhills PRIDE in February 2019 as a board member.

“We at Sandhills PRIDE are delighted to have Michael Bleggi as our Executive Director,” notes Charles Oldham, current Board Chair for Sandhills PRIDE. “Not only does he bring a wealth of experience, but he knows our community well, and will be a wonderful asset to our organization.”

Michael graduated from Pinecrest High School as its 2013 valedictorian and graduated with distinction from Duke University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics and Statistical Science.

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In just four short years through Fall 2019, Sandhills PRIDE has awarded nearly $40,000 in scholarships to15 extraordinarily talented high school students in the Sandhills. Our enthusiastic supporters have made a significant investment in future LGBTQ leaders both here and beyond.

That’s not all. In partnership with dedicated volunteers, we’re actively reaching out to students and teachers in local schools to let them know we’re here to help foster a more diverse and tolerant community than ever before.

We’re sponsoring gay-straight alliances and conducting safe zone trainings to help ALL students feel safer. We won’t stop until EVERYONE feels safe.

Please become a proud financial investor in Sandhills PRIDE and the work it does to help make this amazing community we call home a better place for ALL OF US. Won’t you make your most generous, tax-deductible gift today? Even better, pledge to become a monthly donor to sustain our work into the future!

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The mission of Sandhills PRIDE is to unite, celebrate, and serve LGBTQ people, their allies, and sister organizations by providing social engagement, service, education, and leadership in the Sandhills region of North Carolina. Sandhills PRIDE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Pinehurst.

Sandhills PRIDE stands as the beacon of hope for LGBTQ people and their allies right here at home, in Moore County and surrounding areas. It has become the central resource for information and inspiration, and this is especially true for our young people across the region.

A copy of the By-Laws can be downloaded here

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