Identity Groups

LGBTQ+ Men’s Group

The goal of the LGBTQ+ Men’s group is a create an actively inclusive and community-building space for all men and masculine-aligned people in the LGBTQ+ community. Whether gay, trans, masculine-aligned nonbinary, questioning – or any combination or more – this is the space for you to find like-minded individuals with whom to forge bonds of friendship and support. Our group connects through activities, discussions, outings, and more. This group meets every second Saturday of the month (time depends on activity).

LGBTQ+ Women’s Group

Sandhills Pride LBTQ+ Women’s Group goal is to provide safe atmosphere for women, feminine, non-binary and like minded individuals to freely express owns identity while creating bonds, friendship, and support through social engagements, activities, discussions, outings, games, leisure sports & more. The group will meet every last Saturday of the month ( time will vary depending on activity).